Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 14: Decisions

It's seems so far away and yet I know that truthfully the time will pass faster than I had ever imagined.

The next six months, so full of uncertainties, and unknowns.

So many questions to answer, which all boil down to one: Where do I go from here?

When you have nothing but possibilities in front of you, sometimes its hard to pick the one path that you want the most.

And sometimes, to move forward sometimes, we have to be prepared to let go of the dreams of the past.

I know that the places that I am going are exciting.  They are the very foundation of my hopes and have been what have motivated me through the darkest days. I know that I find more fulfillment in my family than I ever have in my career. I know that I have dreams that I still need to fulfill and that this is the crossroads I have been waiting for.

I know that I am meant to do this.

But walking away, even from the most mundane of projects, has never been a forte of mine. I am not good at letting go.  Especially not when I care about something. And I don't tend to do things that I don't care about.

My heart is heavy with the knowledge that I can not physically, mentally, or emotionally,  do it all anymore. And even if I could, I don't want to.

And I know that I will be closing many chapters in my life, and saying goodbye to many things.

But there is so much more of my story to write, and deep down inside I am ready to move forward.

So now the question changes from "where to go?" and becomes "how do I get there?"

But that's another post for another day.

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