Friday, August 17, 2012

Day 17: Because I can.

I hate being told to "take it easy".  For some reason it always triggers an automatic instinct that compels me to take on some huge and monumentous task that I have usually been successfully avoiding.

While I haven't officially been told that I have to stay in "bed" until Monday, the nurse at my OB/GYN office was pretty adamant that I was to 'stay off my feet' and 'rest' work, no exercise, no jungle fun.

So, I decided to take the past few days to learn more about a hobby that has piqued my interest as of late: home canning.

As the manager of a local farmers' market, I am treated with absolutely kindness by my vendors on a weekly basis.  They always make sure to send me home, arms full of beautiful fresh produce. My fridge is overflowing from colourful fruits and vegetables...more than my family of three could eat in a month, let alone a week!

I've donated some of this food, and am always happy to pass it off to friends and family members too.  But, all too often, at least some of it winds up spoiling before I can get it unloaded.

So I figured that learning how to can was the best way to fix the problem. Not only could I still share the canned goods that I create, but I can enjoy my fruits and vegetables throughout the winter months as well! It seems like the perfect win!

So, this week I set about learning about jam and dill pickle making.

3 Litres of Blueberry Jam , 6 litres of apricot jelly, and 17 Litres of Dilled Pickles later, I'm about as exhausted as I ever have been.

So much for 'bed rest'....

But, in a few weeks time, it will all have been worth it! Now we play the waiting game. :)

Next on my list: Pickled carrots, asparagus, and beets as well as cherry and peach preserves! It's going to be a tasty few months!

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