Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day 28: Awesome.

Every so often, someone you know and love does something remarkable. I’m not talking about the every day, “wow, that’s so great” stuff like getting a new job or accomplishing a small goal. I’m talking about really life altering, put yourself out there, suffer for your art, and “persevere no matter the obstacles are” kind of awesome.

These people blow me away, not only by their sheer awesomeness, but also by the fact that these extraordinary people have chosen me to share in their journey towards greatness.

In my time, I’ve known people who have crossed international boundaries doing political/activist/missionary work that saved hundreds lives.  I’ve known people who have written musicals and plays that are being performed across the world. I’ve known people who have run for political office, and who have brought messages of hope for the future. I’ve known people who saved the lives of the sick, have held brains, hearts and futures in their hands and sliced through them with knives. 

Seriously- I’m surrounded by some pretty fantastic human beings.

Tonight, I want to highlight one in particular.

Kasha is a ‘new’ friend, but a dear one. Through the past year, we’ve shared many laughs and tales of adventure together. I’ve gotten to know her story, watched her struggle with single parenthood, watched her thrive as an instructor and entrepreneur, got to meet her beautiful daughters, and hear about her hopes and dreams.

And now, I get to bear witness to one of those dreams coming true.

Today, Kasha, along with her musical partner Mitch, launched her first music cd, Southern Ground, as part of the musical ground The Orchard.

Frick that’s cool.

You should buy it. Cause she’s awesome. And beautiful. And talented. And the music is really, really good (bearing in mind that this comes from a total music snob who generally hates other female singers and actually genuinely dislikes country music as an artform…).

I’m super proud of you, Kasha. Keep reaching for the stars, because that’s exactly where you belong.

Find their cd at our local Walmart, HMV and Lammle’s, or purchase it off itunes.

Learn more about The Orchard Here: http://www.theorchardmusic.ca/

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