Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 30: Passive Aggressive. (With a LOT of swearing...)

Sometimes the only thing that can keep you sane in life is a passive aggressive, super duper secret, no one knows what I'm talking about post/status update/tweet/whatever.

Usually people think that these messages are always about them personally.  I think this highlights beautifully the incredible narcissism of the technology generation- after all, we seem to think that the entire planet cares what we had for dinner...obviously everyone's lives must revolve around us somehow.

I try to stay away from these passive-aggressive statements as I find they lead to more trouble than good in most cases.  I like to reserve them for moments, like tonight, where I might not actually be able to sleep unless I can get some things off my chest.  And I like to keep them about as vague as humanly possible, so that no one (sometimes not even me) knows who or what I'm referring to.

So, here is my passive-aggressive ranty post.  If you think it's about you, it probably is. Or not. That's for me to know, and for you to assume, get angry about, cause a fight and ultimately secretly hate me.  And if you find yourself feeling this way, I recommend posting about it on your facebook wall...just to get back at me. ;)


There is absolutely nothing in the world that annoys me more than people who go on and on about topics that they claim to have some sort of expertise on, and yet completely ignore the facts and misrepresent them in ways where you wonder if they've ever even read a book on the topic in the first place.

Seriously, people. How fucking hard is it to google a topic and do a little homework on a topic before spouting off on some discussion, claiming to be all knowing about something that you clearly have no fucking clue about.  At least look at the Wikipedia page, and maybe even the bibliographical references at the bottom. You might get a bit of an education.

Reading one or two books on a topic, especially if they already agree with your point of view, isn't fucking research.  Sorry. You need to actually look at the entire topic first, from all angles, and use sources that are valid, unbiased, and treat the subject matter fairly.

Wannabe experts quoting wannabe experts who happened to write a fucking blog post on a topic is going to become the end of intelligent dialogue as we know it.

All of you need to go back to English 10 and learn how to research a topic, determine a proper source, and formulate an actual debate against something.  Claiming that a controversial topic is "black and white" or that "everyone knows..." something that isn't even close to a proven fact is dumb.  Especially when your "facts" turn out to be completely false.

Unfortunately, we live in an age where he (or she) who types THE BOLDEST AND THE LOUDEST is always in the RIGHT.  These cyber bullies would have you believe that just because they can type faster, use bigger words or copy and paste an article from the Onion as "proof" of their position, they must be right.

And honestly, 99% of the time, it's just not worth arguing with them because you'll never change their minds anyway.  And they will make you stupider for engaging with them.

It's time you can never get back. You should have used it sleeping. Or having dirty monkey sex. Or brushing your teeth.  Or washing your toilet. All these would be more productive than trying to talk to an internet idiot.

So, for now, I'm going to turn off my computer before I throw into a wall.

Goodnight, morons of the internet.  Do me a favour and shut the fuck up.


Whew, I feel better.  Goodnight guys :)

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  1. I LOVE YOU! And this post is totally about me right? Hahaha!!

  2. Ha ha. Natasha, nah- it's much more fun to discuss/debate with you than to walk away. :)

  3. There wasn't nearly enough swearing for a rant post. =P

    But I won't claim to be an expert on the topic! (dry humor here)

  4. My 2 reactions to this post:
    1) I DO research the NFL. And I DID put a disclaimer on my posts that they were based in ignorance.

    2) This is why I don't argue on the internet. Not because of people like that but because I'm much too lazy to research anything like that so I don't want to come off like that guy.