Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day 9: Random.

It's 1130pm and I'm the kind of tired that only happens when you're in your almost completely through your first trimester and running about seventy hours behind on rest.

My morning sickness has officially been upgraded to hyperemesis gravidarum, I've lost over five pounds since getting pregnant, and I've been given a little white pills that hopefully will help me cope with the twelve or so episodes of vomiting a day.

Don't get me wrong! I love being pregnant. I'm thrilled to be pregnant. But today was one of those days that took everything out of me.

I did spend over an hour working on a 'real' blog post.  Unfortunately, it's on one of those topics that I know will take me about four more hours to get even remotely close to publishable. So, for tonight, I'm sorry to have to bore you with another random post.

In the interest of keeping this challenge (and my frame of mind) relatively light, I figured I'd poke a little fun at myself today.  Those of you who know me well know that I'm a little bit OCD- and by that I mean, have actually been diagnosed by psychiatrist and treated for the condition during my last pregnancy.  OCD is a strange disorder.  For the most part, it doesn't really impact my life negatively or positively since most of my tendencies have become so ingrained in my behaviours that I never really notice them at all. But, some of them are just plain wacky.  And tonight- for your enjoyment- I've decided to share with you some of my wackiest.

1-  I have to eat my pizza in a specific order: First, the parmesan cheese and red peppers get equally spread out on top of the cheese and toppings.  Then, I carefully peel off the toppings and eat them (often dunking them into whatever available dipping sauce there is).  Next, I do another round of parmesan and red pepper, and then proceed to eat all the part of the crust that are covered in sauce.  The very end of the crust, I always keep for last and, unless there is dipping sauce, I won't eat it.

2- I have to watch every television and movie series from start to finish.  If all the instalments are readily available, I only have to do it through once. However, if only one or two parts have been released, I must restart the process every time a new season or movie-sequel comes out. This is also true for books. I also have to finish every series that I start, whether I like it or not.  This means that I have subjected myself to both the book and movie versions of Twilight four times, and I still have one more viewing of the movie to do before Breaking Dawn Pt 2 comes out.  I consider this to be my most masochistic trait.

3- I can't go to bed feeling like I haven't finished something. If I do, I will inevitably wind up finishing it in my sleep.  And, while my essays, emails and texts written in my dreams are always eloquent and impressive, the real life version usually looks something like this: lksdfoihagnlrkjhaqwiueh lkjasdfoi!! 
I also sleep talk in french, regardless of who I think I'm talking to.

4- If I can't clean a room in ites entirety, I can't clean it at all. This goes for every household task.  Unless I have time to wash, dry, fold and put away my laundry, I don't do it all.  This often results in me having to spend six to eight hours straight doing laundry. This is also among my most masochistic traits.

5- Everything in my life must be symmetrical and colour balanced. If I can't get a picture to line up properly, I will take it off the wall until I can fix it.  I have been known to redistribute my child's pile of toys on the floor so that all the yellow blocks are together and all the trains are circling the room. Toy boxes make me nervous because all the toys are thrown in chaotically.

So there you have it.  Proof positive that I'm totally certifiable. And the fun part is that pregnancy tends to aggravate my OCD I promise you that there will be more wacky stories to come in the following weeks and months! :)

Goodnight y'all!

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  1. As long as your not obsessively eating comet, I say your doing well! ha ha. Actually I can relate to some of the household chore ones. I can't stand pictures askew even in other peoples houses. I can't watch the show "Hoarders" it actually stresses me out and I have to change the channel. Some of this is deep rooted in having a mother that was a neat freak so it is ingrained.

    It would suck though to have to read a book series all the way to the end if you don't like it. I would start to only read books that are a one time deal. Good post!