Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day 7: 7 things

It's hard to believe that we're already seven days into this challenge. While it isn't always easy, so far it is significantly easier than it was last year.  Maybe that's because I actually care about what I'm writing (for the most part) instead of just writing because I feel some sort of obligation to get my stats up.

It's Tuesday night, which means that it's the night before the weekly farmers' market that I operate. Tuesdays are always insanely busy, but tonight was even more so because we had our Parents Orientation session with the speech pathologists. I promise that I will dedicate a whole post to this very deserving topic, but for tonight I need to move rather quickly because I still have many hours left of market prep to do before morning.

I decided that- after last night's pseudo-whiny post- tonight's post had to be positive.  Because I'm tired, I was having a hard time finding inspiration to write something cheerful or funny, so I turned to the one topic that I know will always bring a smile to my face: my deep love and devotion for my husband, Jason.

Those of you who have the pleasure of knowing Jason in real life know him to be a quiet, gentle and reserved type.  Not one for senseless talking, Jason has the kind of quiet confidence and wisdom that is rarely seen in men his age.  I fell in love with him the minute I met him twelve years ago, and even though it took many years for our romance to flourish, I have never in my life met another man who so thoroughly intrigues, inspires, and enraptures me.

In October, we will be celebrating our "seventh" anniversary of falling love. This may not sound that impressive to those of you who have been married/dating forever, but- for us- this is the day that the world itself began to have meaning, and we have never been the same for it.

So, I'm dedicating tonight's post to him, and am taking on the formidable task of highlighting my seven favourite things about him.  This isn't easy, since there are thousands of things about him that I love. But, after thinking about it for hours, I can safely say that these are my top (at least for tonight...I'm sure I'll think of fifty more than should be on there by tomorrow).

7- The way he gets sappy and sentimental at cheesy romantic commercials, songs and films. 

It's true. My husband's a suck.  And the cheesier, the better.  Whether it be a Hallmark commercial or an 80s hair ballad, the sweet and sentimental things always compel him to reach out, grab my hand, look into my eyes and tell me that he loves me.

6- The way he has an analogy for everything, and needs to explain everything three or four different ways (even when you understood it the first time). 

Jason is smart. Really smart. Like freaky, broke the IQ test kind of smart. And he LOVES to talk about smart things with people. And when he does, he uses wild and crazy analogies to make sure that you understand his complex mind. Of course, these analogies are usually more complicated than the actual topic...but that's what makes them awesome.

5- The way he believes that being a gentleman is more important than being heard, so he never interrupts a person speaking unless he absolutely has to. 

Jason belongs to an old breed of man that is practically extinct in today's society. For him, the rules of social etiquette are as important as ever, and- unless absolutely necessary- he will not interrupt a person who is speaking just to be 'heard'.  In fact, Jason doesn't feel the need to be 'heard' at all, and will not speak unless he feels that he has something valuable to contribute to the conversation. This is why, while he doesn't talk often, you should always listen when he does.

4- The value which he places on loyalty and friendship. 

Jason's 'best' friends easily count in the double digits. He is extremely well liked because he treats those he cares about with loyalty and respect.  He has lost very few friends over the twelve years that I've known him, and these loses we're almost always of his choosing.  Most of his friends have been there for over ten years and I suspect that, when he is 80, his circle will be largely unchanged. This says a lot about how he treats people.

3- The way he never reserves love and affection from his wife or child.  

I must get two dozen text messages a day telling me how much he loves me and Sammie. Seriously, my husband makes sure that I know that I'm adored. He makes me feel good about being me, and that was a feeling I never knew before him.

2- His utter and complete self-awareness and self-assuredness.

Despite his reserved and quiet demeanour, there's a lot more to Jason than meets the eye.  He's actually not quiet at all- he just picks his times.  He's funny as hell, and has a snappy comeback for almost everything.  He is 'his own person'- for better or for worse.  Whether it be wearing bunny ears for an entire semester on a dare, or going to Blues on Whyte in his PJs and ordering milk so he could eat his cereal, Jason beats to his own drum and doesn't give a damn what other people think of him.  He is who he is, genuinely likes who is, and doesn't need any further validation than that. This is the trait that most fascinated me about him when we first met and it continues to boggle my mind on a daily basis. I have never in my life met a person who is as secure and comfortable in their own skin, and it's a damn sexy trait.

1- The way he puts his marriage and his family first, no matter what. 

This is pretty self-explanatory, but a trait that is far too rare in today's relationships. I never have to doubt that if I need him, whether he be in a meeting, on a camping trip or just watching the game with his buddies, he will drop everything to be there to help me.  I like to think that I do the same for him.  the trick to making this dynamic work is to never abuse the power- to remember that it is always an 'emergency' card to be played only when necessary.  But where Jason trumps me unequivocally is that he never- ever- makes me feel guilty for it.  And that's damn admirable.

So there you have it. My Top Seven on August 7th. This post may not mean a whole lot to anyone but me, but boy it's nice to take a few minutes and just be thankful for what you have and for those you are lucky enough to share it with.

What I have is a big comfy bed. Whom I share it with is the man of my dreams.

And on that note, goodnight all! :)

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