Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Day 21: Play.

I’ve been kind of a lazy mom lately.
I just haven’t been down on the floor, getting in on the ground action with my kiddo.
I’ve been relying too much on his incredible ability to entertain himself, and haven’t engaged in a lot of play with him.
I’ve spent beautiful days indoors, instead of taking him out to explore the world and run around like all kids should.
Yes, it’s true.  Some of this is at least a little understandable.  Between the mind-numbing pregnancy-induced exhaustion and the incessant “morning sickness”, I’m sure that I’ve got my fair share of excuses.
But deep down inside, I know that I’m also just being lazy.
I need to get my parenting mojo back.  And I need it back now, before these terrific toddler days disappear forever.
It starts tomorrow- no matter how tired I am, or how busy I become, I am going to make sure that my kid and I play together for a least a little while. I’m going to make sure he sees his friends and (if the weather holds out) that he gets some outdoor time.
And I’m going to sit down and make myself some parenting “daily duties”, just like I have for cleaning the house. Because, no matter how much I might delude myself into believing it, doing dishes just isn’t more important than playing lego.  

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  1. Go easy on yourself... eventually he's going to have to understand that you can't get on the floor (for fear of not being able to get up!). I remember feeling the same way. Undivided attention can be as good as physical play, I think.