Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day 22: Away.

When I took on this challenge, over three weeks ago, I made the commitment to myself that I would write a post daily. I approached the challenge rather differently than some of my friends and fellow authors. My goal wasn't to write 31 posts in 31 days, but rather to write a post a day for 31 days. It's not a more difficult goal, just a slightly different one. To me, isn't about the quantity of posts or even the quality...instead, I wanted to genuinely commit myself to taking the time out each and every day to put my thoughts out there, for the world to see.

I wanted to force myself to take the time out of my life and to do something for me.

So far, I have succeeded.

It hasn't always been easy, nor has it been convenient. But I didn't expect it to be either of those things. They don't call it the Summer Blog Challenge for nothing.

Some of my posts have been mundane. Some have been fillers. Some have been well-thought and even time consuming. But they've all got one common thread- they were written on the day that that they were posted, which corresponded to the number of days that I've been participating in the challenge so far.

But now I've hit a bit of glitch in my plans.  You see, part of being able to complete a summer blog challenge is, well, being able to blog. And for that to happen, one needs internet access. This is usually not a problem. Even from the hotel room on our staycation, I was able to hook onto wifi and get my post out on the world wide web.  However, this weekend we are heading camping. And, the kind of camping we do doesn't come with free wireless access. To be honest, I'm not even sure it comes with cell phone reception...

So I will not be able to post for the next three days. Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be spent away. Away from the city.  Away from technology. Away from my every day stresses.

Simply Away.

But I committed to myself that I would write. Daily. And I intend on keeping my word.

So, every day, I will faithfully write my post du jour.

They will all be posted with the time and date that they were written, so that I can look back and remember that, even though it may not have been conventional, I did stick to my commitment.

I am proud of myself. It's been a long time since I've done something for myself.

And I'm not giving up on it now.

See y'all on Sunday.

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