Friday, September 20, 2013

Day 31: On endings and new beginnings

Summer is ending, and with it ends the Summer Blog Challenge.

I succeeded in my goal. I posted every day, inane as some posts may have been, and challenged myself to making my own project as much of a priority as the needs in my family.

It hasn't always been fun. It hasn't always been interesting. But I was consistent and, for that, I am proud.

Today also marks Charlie's 7 month birthday. Wow. Time is flying quickly. And yet, somehow, it feels like she has always been here.

Tonight, I end my challenge, and I take the evening to reflect on what the next one should be. Will I blog about my adventures in learning photography? Or perhaps continue to just post daily updates of what's on my mind? Do I continue to push myself to write every day, knowing how therapeutic it is, or should I go back to just letting this space be one that I use when I want to vent or gush with pride.

Tonight, I am too tired to answer those questions. But I know that with the new day and the new season will come new beginnings.

As always, I go to bed truly excited for what the next day will hold for me.

Goodnight, Summer Blog Challengers.

It's been a good season.

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