Saturday, September 7, 2013

Day 18: On today (A Love Letter To My Son)

Some days, you wake up without even looking at me and walk past me as if I were some ghost in the room.

Some days, I kneel down to see what you are playing with and you carefully turn your entire body around so as not to look at me.

Some days, no matter how often or how loudly I call out your name, my voice is carried off into the wind as if you never heard a word.

Some days, the silence has a life of its own and I am overwhelmed by the aloneness of it all.

Some days, I just don't know if you know the difference between me and the stranger on the street.

But not today

Today, you sat on my lap to show me the latest toy to capture your attention.

Today, you ran to my arms, seeking in me comfort after scraping your knee.

Today, you took my hand and asked me to follow you as you moved from room to room, exploring your space.

Today, you sat up on my lap during lunch, not wanting to be further than an arm's reach away, even for a moment.

Today, you folded your body into mine and let me hold you, my lips resting on your forehead, tickling you as they whispered that I love you.

Today, you showed me just how deeply connected you truly are, to me and to the world.

Some days, our worlds are galaxies apart.

But today, you reached through the distance, took my hand and for a day our worlds were one.

As today reaches its end, I know in my heart that the "some days" are growing fewer and fewer. There are more days like today on the horizon.

Today, we lay one more stone on the bridge between us, as one more piece of the puzzle falls into place.

Today was amazing.

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