Friday, September 13, 2013

Day 24: On leaps and bounds

I haven't really posted much about Sam's school, frankly because I didn't want to jinx it, but I have to finally say: ELVES IS AMAZING!

Now, I don't know if it's the teachers (who are remarkable), the environment (which is perfect) or just that Sammie was "ready" for these leaps, but he has already been transformed and we have only done week 1.

Here are just some of the massive improvements we have seen this week:

-Sammie is actively seeking out opportunities to play with others, including other kids.

-His social reaction have dramatically improved including sustained eye contact during play, responding to being called, patiently waiting when asked to do so, following through with instructions...

-His tendency towards obsession has almost completely disolved (seriously, he walked passed his trains in a state of disarray and chose to leave them to go play outside) and he no longer requires comfort objects to transition from different spaces.

-He is learning to share and respect the physical boundaries of other kids (including his sister, which is a huge win)

-He is choosing to eat on his own, including working on using utensils. He is following through on art projects and requesting to do them at his home craft center.

-He is regulating his emotions much more effectively, and hasn't had a meltdown all week.

-He has accepted sitting on the toilet every time we change his diaper. (Another huge win).

-He is sleeping more solidly and for longer periods.

-He has begun using occasional signs ("more" and the beginning of "help"- which we have been working on for months now) and is noticeably more intentional with his verbalizations.

Now, as expected, with these leaps come some minor regressions, particularly in terms of his sensory seeking behaviours, but all in all the changes have been remarkable not only in their intensity but in the speed at which he is developing.

Even his teachers are blown away, saying that he is practically a different child than he was when he first arrived Monday.

I personally would not go that far- Sam has always been capable of extraordinary behaviours , often meeting and surpassing his peers. Instead, what I would say is that his baseline has moved up to where his "best" days now seem to be his new normal.

I know there will be tough spots still to come; as he moves forward with new skills, regressions will arise and we are going to see occasional sensitive/disregulated days. But I haven't felt this optimistic about his progress in months, and knowing that his teachers see his full potential fills my heart with joy.

I can't wait to see what else lies ahead for us as Sam continues to steam roll his way through new goals.

Go Sammie Go!!!

Also, Charlie won't stop talking. Ever. It's adorable and strange to have babble conversations with my baby. Gotta admit that I love that an awful lot

Chatty Charlie and Silent Sam.

My heart is full.

Here's some Charlie eye candy for y'all to melt over. :)

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