Monday, September 9, 2013

Day 20: On denouement...

Today was one for the books, that's for sure.

Honestly, I just don't have the emotional strength to tell the story yet. I haven't even uploaded my pictures from the camera.

I understand the meaning of the word "denouement" even more today than I ever have before. The climax is over, but our story hasn't quite ended yet. There is still the aftermath, where the characters unwind from the action and slowly settle back into their "new normal".

This has been my evening.  I don't think I can consider this story fully over until I close my eyes and fall asleep, amd let it slowly lift from my body into the atmosphere.

Until then, I will relish the quiet and stillness that comes at the end of a great battle won. I will let my hand linger, intertwined with my son's as he softly slumbers, and think back on all the times I held him to sleep. I will reflect and dream of what the future will hold for my young daughter, and look forward to the hours of "us" time that we will now have together. I will let my body collapse into the arms of my amazing husband, and I will weep into his shoulders tears of joy, pain, heartache, and love.

And when this is over, there will be closure.

Roll credits.

That is, until we do it all over again in the morning... ;)

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