Monday, September 9, 2013

100th Post! On Anxiety Follow Up Post: On Taking Control

No they aren't.
They are not going to take my son.
That's just not how this is going to go.
Parents dream about what their child's first day of school will look like. They plan out the clothes, carefully label the supplies. It's a bittersweet moment in our lives. A rite of passage.
This is a milestone, not only for him, but for Jason and I.
And I will not be robbed of it.
So I made some calls.
And I made some changes.
And I took control.
So instead, of loading him on a bus right off the bat, Jason and I will drive him. We will walk him right up to his class room. We will hold his hand and see his face as he takes in his new surroundings. Will will hug him and tell him that he is safe, secure and comfortable. We will hold him and show him that he is loved and that we know he is ready for this new step. We will reaffirm to him that we are ALWAYS there, his two pillars of strength, never fully out of reach.
And then, when he is ready, we will walk away and trust that we have truly done everything we can to make this step a joyful and exciting one.
And when he is done, we will be there- in person- ready to take him back home again.
This will not be the worst day of our lives. I will not allow that. It will be a celebration of the next step in our family's journey.
Because I said so, dammit.

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  1. Well? How did it go?

    It is a celebration Zita, and I am glad that you made the changes and saw him to his new space. Big hugs to all of you on this new part of your journey!