Thursday, September 19, 2013

Day 30: On renos

Tomorrow, we begin the first of half a dozen huge home reno projects.  The next yeat will pretty much be dedicated to bringing our house up to date and tending to some of the things we've neglected over the past few years.

Our first item is redoing our floors in the main part of the house. The new flooring has been purchased, so now we have nothing left to do other than- you know- tear out carpet and install it all. Piece of cake, right? ;)

Immediately following this, we replace the kitchen/bathroom/hallway flooring and repaint the whole front end. I am really looking forward to getting a fresh coat of paint and brightening up the entire home. I'm leaning towards a pale, butter yellow which would be a stark contrast to our current mocha walls.

I love dreaming of renos but the reality of actually trying to do this with two kids has really hit me today. Thankfully, our amazing family is stepping up to give us a hand with labour and childcare, otherwise it could never happen.

I will take some before and after shots tomorrow and through the weekend to update on our progress.

Here's the great reno list fo 2013-14. It's going to be an exciting (and expensive) year!!!

- new main floors
- new kitchen/bathroom vinyl tiling
- new carpets in all the bedrooms
- paint main house
- repaint garage door
- rebuild and paint fence
- fix bricks at front entrance
- rebuild rails at entry way and stair case
- finish floors in basement
- paint remaining accent wood to match
- fix fireplace

Whoo...that's quite the list when you write it all down.


Wish us luck.

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