Monday, October 15, 2012

Make up post: Thanksgiving Challenge #14: Hard to find the words...

By the time last night rolled around, I found it extremely hard to find anything to be grateful for.  Despite having had a beautiful day, and a near perfect weekend, our family was handed some shocking and sad news that completely consumed my thoughts and my attention for the remainder of the night.

I was too sad to be thankful.

But I wasn't too sad to be prayerful.

In moments of despair and tragedy, when I have no where else to turn, I turn to God. His love and support have gotten me through more than I ever could have handled on my own.

So this morning, still shaken from the awful news of the night before, I am grateful for my Faith.

I know that it will get me, and those I love, through this and through anything else life throws at us.

This is post is part of the October Thanksgiving Challenge. I will post a new Thank You blog post every day during the month of October. I encourage you to follow Kevin, the mastermind of this challenge at and fellow blogger Natasha at And, if you're up to it, consider doing your own challenge, big or small, to remind yourself to focus on the many blessings in your life.  I've also added a slight 'writing' component to this month's challenge: No posts are to exceed 500 words.  

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