Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Writer's Block: #33, #7, #17, #47.

I have writer's block. This always happens to me at around days 18-21 of my month long challenges. I sit, staring at my computer, with no idea what to write.

I took on this project, not to just write gibberish, but to actually force myself to connect with myself- mind and spirit, working together to sort out some of the information overload I've been facing lately. So I'm not interested in doing "just to write" posts. I want to write something meaningful everyday- or at least meaningful to me.

So, I tossed it out to the interwebz: Give me a number! (between 1 and 125)

And I got 33. And then 7. And then 17. And then 47. (lots of 7s there. Interesting).

So, for the next four days, I will use this list of 125 Blog Topics to guide my writing.

Wish me luck!

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