Saturday, November 2, 2013

30 more days: NoBloPoMo

It's day 3 of November, amd therefore day 3 of National Blog Post Month ( 

I only decided to enter the game today, which is ok since I actually wrote blog posts on both the first and second of November by coincidence. This will probably help me as I make the "brand" change from the "Dulock Diaries" to "Autism, or Something Like It", a move I have been considering for quite some time.

So here goes, another 30 day blog challenge in which I will push myself to really write about topics and ideas that compell and intrigue me. I suspect, as usual, most will center around parenting, special needs, and the space that connects the two. I don't promise brilliance, or even that much wit...but I do promise consistency.

At least there's that. ;)

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