Friday, August 15, 2014

Get Ready...Get Set...Blog!

It's that time of year again: The Summer Blog Challenge.

A blog post a day for 31 days straight. If it sounds easy, trust me, it isn't.

If it sounds entertaining, trust me, it is.

As hard as it is to believe, this will be my fourth summer completing the challenge. That's part of what is bringing me back to it. The first time I did the challenge, back in the summer of 2011, Sam was still barely even a toddler. Now, looking back over the blog entries of the past, I can get a picture of where I have been, how I got there and where I am ultimately going.

Journaling is a fascinating experience of self-discovery.

I won't (and can't!) promise that my posts will be thoughtful or provoking- though I do hope that at least one or two are.  I also don't promise that they will be thorough, well-edited or even spell-checked. I write generally in a free-style on this blog- more with the intention of getting the thought and idea out of my mind than with the intention of doing so with flair, grace, or attention to grammar (though these are things that I am working on, slowly but surely).

What I do promise is that I am going to take the challenge seriously and really push myself to explore some topics that have been nagging at my mind this year; and, trust me, there are a LOT of them.

So hopefully you'll join me on my #SBC2014 challenge and we'll see where the summer winds take us.

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