Friday, August 29, 2014

Back on the happy tracks

I'm half way through a real blog post. I was going to finish it but I decided to clean instead.

And then I had a meeting with the kids' (yes, PLURAL woohoo!) new part-time day home provider to discuss supports for Sam during his out of school care.

Then we celebrated the awesomeness of that meeting with french fries.

Then we went swimming. Well, Sam mostly floated around- happy as a clam- while I treaded water like a frantic cat.

And then I decided to go to Zumba. Because I could. And it was awesome.

And then bedtime and dinner and another 30 minute jog to hit my step goal (I've gone up to 15K a day)

And then, an hour of catching up on work since I'm a little behind today...while listening to Orange Is The New Black with my awesome hubby.

And now it's 1030. And I don't want to weigh my mind and my body down by taking on a really serious topic this late at night.

So, you get a throwaway post. Because sometimes feeling good really says it all...


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