Sunday, August 25, 2013

Day 5: On little things...

A day spent sharing smiles and laughs with my mom and sister over tea.

The careful tottering of my nephew as he bravely works towards his first steps.

My son's shining face when he greets me at the door after a long night away.

My daughter's shy giggle as she hears me sneeze from across the room.

The clanging of pots and pans as my husband washes the dishes after a meal well enjoyed.

The ticking of the clock slowly making its way to bedtime.

The knowledge that Big Brother 15 is patiently waiting to whisk me away into an hour of escapist bliss.

The glow of my phone, softly lighting up my little girl's face as I nurse her down to sleep.

The spinning of the fan cooling me off after a hot summer day.

The knowledge that I will fall asleep in the arms of my love.

There are too many things in life worth being grateful for to ever feel sorry for myself.

Not today, anyway...

Mama Zita

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