Thursday, August 28, 2014

Conversations with Charlie

Charlie: Momma...wassdat?
Me: Charlie, that's a phone.
Charlie: OH! A PHOOONE?
Me: Yes. You know that.
Charlie: I know! So silly! Silly Girl!!!
Me: Sigh...
Charlie: GOOD GRIEF!


Charlie: Guppies?
Me: No Guppies until after lunch.
Charlie: Guppies now?
Me: Lunch now.
Charlie: NOOO! GUPPIES!!!!
Me: Hot Dog?
Charlie: Oooo! DIP DIP?
Me: Yes, you can have some dip dip too!
Charlie: DIP DIP!!! GUPPIES!!!
Me: Sigh.
Charlie: NOM NOMMMM <grin>


Charlie: Iphone?
Jason: No Charlie, Ipod.
Charlie: Oh...Iphone!
(note: no one in our home currently owns an iphone, nor have they ever.)


Seriously...this child.

Charlie, 18 months old. 

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