Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Summer Blog Challenge: Take 3

Well, it's here again. The summer blog challenge starts tomorrow. From August 21st until September 21st (the last day of summer, and presumably the first day of "Alberta Winter"), I will be posting a daily blog post. This may seem funny from someone who has not updated her blog since April, but I've done it two years prior now, so I guess that makes it a tradition.

This year, I suspect may be a touch different than years past. I will probably focus significantly more time writing about our lives now, a topic which has changed dramatically in the last twelve months. With the addition of a second baby, being back on mat leave, navigating the scary and complex world of special needa parenting, getting ready for Sammie to start school, I suspect there will be much to talk about.

I am committed to posting daily.  That is all.  No word limits, no special topics, no guidelines or rules. Some days, you may get an essay. Other days might only bring a picture or a quote. But I will post. Probably from bed, while I nurse my baby and try to ignore my three year old jumping on the bed

Follow along if you'd like.  I promise to make your life seem a lot more normal. ;)

Momma Zita