Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Day 1: On not looking a gift horse in the mouth

I had a great post lined up for tonight. I spent all day thinking about it and writing it in my head. Sadly, a more pressing post must be written.

You see, last night was the first night in over two weeks that Sam slept through the night.  Now, unlike most kids, Sam's version of night waking doesn't involve a few pats on the back and then falling back asleep. 

No, when Sam wakes up, he does it style.  Usually each waking period lasts from 3 to six hours, thus resulting in less than a total of five hours of sleep in the whole night.  When he wakes, he needs to work it out by jumping on his trampoline and playing for a few hours before settling back down.

So, between him and my six month old teething baby, I've been running on so little sleep that I am refusing to drive because I do not believe I have all my faculties present to do so.

But tonight, he has napped well and will hopefully sleep easily.  Charlie has just gone down and I have a chance to catch a few precious hours before the potential for a five am playtime rears its ugly head.

As much as I'd like to write something interesting and involved, I have learned that I can't afford to pass these hours up for any reason. So I am going to bed, my interesting post still safely drafted in my head for another night.  Tonight, all I care about is getting some rest.

You take what you can get, and appreciate what you've been given.  This horse is a welcome gift, and I'm going to ride it right into La-La Land.

Good night, folks!

Mama Zita

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