Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tick Tock Time Bomb

Well, we're in week 16 of this pregnancy. I can't believe how quickly it's passing by this time. Maybe it's because I'm not as stressed out this time round.  Maybe it's because I'm simply too busy running around after Sammie to think about it.  Maybe it's because, contrary to what we may believe, pregnancy is actually much a much shorter time than it feels...

Whatever the case may be, this week I caught myself saying "once I'm in the second trimester" only to the realize that I'm already four months in! Wow.

For most women, getting to your second trimester is a fun milestone. It takes a lot of the weight off (ha ha! I'm punny) in terms of fear and stress and you start actually "feeling" pregnant (in a good way).  I'll admit, I feel both of these feelings in spades. But I also have a slightly different perspective from most pregnant women due to the fact that I'm considered "very high risk" and will likely deliver early.

When I was pregnant with Sammie, I was placed on full medical leave at 5 months and was on full bedrest by 6.5 months in.  Eventually, at 33.5 weeks, I was moved into the hospital and gave birth to Sammie just shy of three weeks later.

So, given this history, the one thing on my mind is: I'm running out of time.

Before I know it, I will be completely incapable of doing the every day things that seem so simplistic now.  So, even though it seems so early, I have to start planning for baby already.  From getting ready to create the nursery, to setting myself up with baby gear, all the steps that most women wouldn't even start thinking about until their fifth or sixth month, are of the utmost importance to me.

And I'm feeling a little overwhelmed.

If this baby follows in its brother's footsteps, I only have 10 weeks left before things start getting really tough, and really scary.

And that's just not enough time.

Thankfully, the biggest thing I need to worry about doesn't need to be decided until the day the baby comes...the baby name. 


Nothing spells pressure like picking out another human being's name...for the rest of their lives....

But for now, I'm not going to think about that too much. I have enough to think about already!

This post is part of my September Blog Challenge. I will be posting a new blog post on (at least) every other day of the month, for a total of no less than 15 posts throughout the month.  The purpose of this challenge is nothing more than to push myself to continue using writing as a way of releasing energy and opening my mind. 

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  1. Its a huge plus that your already 16 weeks in!! I've found my second pregnancy is going much much faster then my first. For the same reason you mentioned, another child in the home.

    It seems so strange to me that your anxious about 10 weeks being such a short time. It seems forever to me b/c thats when I'm due! Actually, more like 10 weeks and 6 days now. And it seems like a lifetime away!

    For now. Have fun getting the baby gear going. Shopping is always fun for newborns!