Friday, September 14, 2012

Sept #7 Sick

There is nothing in life crueller than being sick when you're pregnant.

Just the knowledge that there are medications out there that could make you feel better, if only you weren't carrying another life, is devastating enough.  But the fact is that just because you have a cold or a flu, doesn't mean that your "everyday" pregnancy woes go away.

Stuffed nose.
Sore throat.
And hyperemis gravidarum make for one very uncomfortable preggy bear.

This has basically been my week. Actually, I"m exagerating. It's really only been the past four days. But it feels like an eternity and I can't wait to get my body back to as normal as one can expect from someone harbouring a parasite.

Someone remind me that this will all be worth it in five months...

I'm going to go attempt to share a romantic meal with my husband now... hopefully he won't mind if I fall asleep in my plate. :P

This post is part of my September Blog Challenge. I will be posting a new blog post on (at least) every other day of the month, for a total of no less than 15 posts throughout the month.  The purpose of this challenge is nothing more than to push myself to continue using writing as a way of releasing energy and opening my mind. 


  1. may I ask why you choose not to take Diclectin?
    I was sick my entire pregnancy with my first and Diclectin took all the nausea away! Granted, I was still throwing up 2 weeks before I gave birth...but at least I wasn't nauseaus!

  2. :) I'm actually on the full dose of Diclectin. I take 4 pills a day, at three different times. It's helped a little but unfortunately my nausea and illness hasn't been completely offset by it.
    I'm not all that phased by the pregnancy sickness- I'm pretty used to it by now- but it's hard when I have a cold too. Makes throwing up challenging with a stuffy nose ;) Thanks for comment!