Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I didn't blog today...

I didn't blog today
Though it was very much my intent
I was too busy actually living
My time was simply better spent
I cuddled with my daughter
As she sleepily rubbed her eyes
I wrestled with my son
One pant leg at...a...time!
I enjoyed cupcakes at the school
As kids' eyes lit up with glee
I wiped icing off a nose
And wound up getting it all over me
I splish and splashed around the pool
And, at the park, I ran for miles
I zoomed too quickly down the slide
And carried on quite like a child
I held his hand at the restaurant
And proudly watched him eat his meal
I tried to muffle her laughter
But had to giggle at her squeals
I watched him tear open his gifts
I became a train engineer
I was captivated by him
He was captivated by the gears
I rocked her gently in my arms
And breathed in her sleeping scent
I stroked the hair out of his face
As he slumbered off, content
And as lie in my husband's arms
And the pillow finds my head
I think "I didn't blog today...
I lived my life instead."

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