Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Twas The Night Before Diagnosis

Twas the night before diagnosis
And lying in bed
Was a mama bear stressing,
Wild thoughts in her head.
Will he show them his smile?
Will he look in their eyes?
Will they see that he's special,
That he's my perfect little guy?
Will they treat him with kindess?
Are they more than lab coats?
When he gets his diagnosis,
Will they make us feel hope?
Yes, they say nothing changes
When those letters, they add
But I know in my heart
Things will change, just a tad
Things will start to get clearer
We will gather more clues
And his voice will join others
Who are Autistics too
He belongs to a community
I can now start to see
These are more than just letters
They're an identity
So, dear doctors, I beseech you
As you take your dictations
See the competent child
Who can surpass expectations
See a child who is gifted
See a child who is bright
See a future unhindered
And we'll all be alright ;)

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